John 17a

John 17a


Rev John Bentham









John’s June Letter

Dear Friends

 Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God!”

 There is so much within that verse of scripture – we all need a time to be still and know that we are in God’s presence.

I was handed a few weeks ago an article from ‘Natural Health’ and I quote “Silence is Golden – and key to our wellbeing”.

“Silence we here you ask! “That would be nice!” with our lives running at an ever faster pace in an increasingly manic world, moments to ourselves are few and far between. But it’s not just physical silence that we seek today – mental and digital silence are now of equal importance. Our smartphones, tablets and laptops are often no more than an arm’s length away, and thanks to the presence of the internet and social media, we are rarely truly alone. Even when we turn off all technology and are lying in bed trying to sleep, our minds can still be whirring away and keeping us alert.

While we frequently joke about peace and quiet being an unattainable ideal, it turns out that a lack of silence is actually quite bad for us. In 2011, a world Health Organisation report branded noise pollution a ‘modern plague’ and concluded that there is overwhelming evidence that exposure to environmental noise (caused by transport and industrial and recreational activities) harms our health. Recent studies have confirmed that physical and digital noise negatively affects our focus and sleep, as well as increasing stress hormones and symptoms of anxiety and depression.”

How do we combat this problem?

 The article goes on to read “Thankfully, the health and wellness industry has caught on to the need to switch off, and there are now various ways in which you can do just that. Silent retreats, silent Spa Treatments, Digital detox is another way to disconnect from your devises and reconnect with yourself, your loved ones and nature.”

Sadly – What the article doesn’t advise is going to church once a week!

 Think about it – how precious is our time with God – how fortunate we are to spend time with Him. We can argue that we are not conditioned to just spend time on a Sunday with God, but that we share our thoughts and have quiet time with Him all week!

However, Church is a good way to start to achieve that discipline of spending time with God, even if it is for just one hour a week. The beauty of church gives us the opportunity to be at peace – to be reflective – to look back and also to look forward to the week ahead. Church takes you away from the busy mad world in which we live and provides a place to share our Joys and our troubles. It is a place where we can go and have that moment of silence – Church is a place where we gain strength from – it enables us to meet life head on. Church can only be good for our health – Church helps with stress – relieves anxiety – and above all we walk with Hope, Love and Forgiveness in our hearts.

Silence is Golden – Psalm 46:10 “Be still, and know that I am God” gives us so much more than that – it gives us the key to life.

 Your Friend and Minister