Rev John Bentham








 John’s Christmas Letter

Dear Friends: Because Mary Believed

“Blessed is she who believed, for these will be a fulfilment of those things which were told her from the Lord.” (Luke 1:45)

When the angel appeared to Mary he asked her to believe the impossible. biologically, virgins can’t conceive.

Neither had she any way of knowing how much depended on her obedience, or that heaven was already preparing for the Messiah she would deliver. what she did know, however, was that when God speaks, it’s your job to believe Him and say, “I’m Ready… Let it be with me just as You say.” (Lk 1:38).

You say you believe God can do the impossible (Lk 1:37). Yes, but doesn’t it blow your mind to think He can do it through you?

Mary not only believed God, she staked her reputation and her future on it. Faith always preceded fulfilment! “Blessed is she who believed, for there will be a fulfilment of those things which were told her from the Lord” (Lk 1:45). The moment Mary believed, things began to fall into place. The moment God speaks to you, everything you need to fulfil His plan for your life will fall into place too. He just needs to get you to where you need to be.

Just as Mary couldn’t imagine the results of her obedience, neither can we. God’s already got a plan to save our loved ones; to meet our financial needs; to salvage our marriage; to heal us, and to put things together. the question is: Will you believe Him and do what He says?


‘At the Manger’

At the lowly manger
A place of truth you’ll find
This is the place to pause awhile
With Christmas in your mind.

Turn from what the world has done
Contemplate that God’s own Son
Came from His place st God’s right hand
That mankind may understand
His sacrifice, the Cross, the pain
So all men can be born again.


Your Friend and Minister