Rev John Bentham








John’s Letter For December / January

Dear Friends, What is Christmas to you?

We’re in the full swing of Christmas – the adverts are all out – Asda, Sainsbury’s, John Lewis, Waitrose all competing for the best Christmas Add to entice you into spending within their stores! … And there are some great adverts this year.

Though One Advert has caught my attention slightly – Tesco’s’ What is Christmas to you – Turkey, Roast potatoes in Goose Fat, even Roast Goose itself, Christmas is about going out – staying in, the kids, Crackers, Cheese, Chocolate, Sprouts! … However You Do Christmas, Everyone’s Welcome at Tesco!

We wouldn’t be human if we didn’t agree to some of those ideals of Christmas. Though to me Christmas is more than that, it goes way beyond Tesco’s message. Christmas to me is about a hope being born – a light, a star, a promise of a future, a hope that never fades – a hope that brings life eternal.

We celebrate a new beginning, a birth 2000 years ago that gave us a reason for being, a reason which brought an understanding to it all!

From that understanding comes guidance & comfort. From that understanding we gain strength, an inner strength & an inner peace. We celebrate a love that shows no boundaries, a love that is unconditional.

From that love we learn to share with others the gifts that have been bestowed upon us. We learn to give to our friends and family, our neighbours and strangers alike.

From giving we receive the greatest gift of all – For however you do Christmas, we learn that all are welcome in the name of Jesus.

That is Christmas to me.

Have a lovely Christmas and a peaceful New Year.

Your Friend and Minister